Welcome to the 2021 Growing Season

Thank you for taking interest in our farm and our seed listing.  During this global pandemic, we decided to focus on seed production rather than fresh market sales in 2020.  Both Sunshine Farm and Sunshine Meadow had successful seasons (mostly) with the gift of an extended fall season.  The result was a beautiful selection of seed for this upcoming season which we are excited to share with you.  We hope our fresh, high quality seeds will pull you from the digital world and into your gardens, growing some of our exciting new varieties such as a pair of new tomatillo varieties we have acquired.  A yellow one called ‘Queen of Malinalco’ and a purple fleshed variety called ‘Deep Purple’.  We have also added a few tomato varieties we are excited about: ‘Black Icicle’ and ‘Orange Peach’ are just a couple.  Many more new seeds are here for you to discover as well, so grab a hot drink, sit back and please enjoy scanning for whatever peaks your interest to grow for the upcoming season.  Many thanks and we hope you have a great growing season!

Russell Alcock

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