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 Sunshine farm is a Certified Organic, Okanagan based, diverse family farm that incorporates education with food production and heritage seed saving.  In addition, Sunshine Farm uses this setting to offer Vocational Development and skill building opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities.

Since 1987 Sunshine Farm has aspired to epitomize a sustainable family farm which also serves its community:

 by promoting organic food production and leading by example by growing nutritious high quality organic food:

by promoting agricultural seed as our common cultural heritage, that which should be maintained as an invaluable genetic resource:

by encouraging local food production and consumption whether on farms or gardens or a pot on the balcony.

Sunshine Farm is a venue where educational opportunities and skill development is a part of embracing all members of our society.  By growing heritage plant varieties in your garden, eating heirloom or heritage fruits and vegetables, you can be a part of the growing movement to return our food system to the people.

Sunshine Farm is not open to the public and does not have a retail storefront on site.

If you are interested in visiting our farm please email us at sunshinefarm@mail.com

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