Our Mission


Since 1987 Sunshine Farm has aspired to epitomize  a sustainable  family farm which also serves its  community;

  • by promoting  organic food production and leading by example  by growing nutritious high quality organic food;
  • by promoting agricultural seed as our common cultural heritage, that which should be maintained,   as  an    invaluable genetic resource;
  • by encouraging local food production and consumption whether on farms or gardens or a pot on the balcony.

Sunshine Farm  is a venue where educational opportunities and skill development is a part of embracing all members of our society (see Community Living  link).

Safe Seed Pledge

At Sunshine Farm Seeds we sell only what we grow at the farm and therefore do not knowingly sell genetically engineered seed.  We believe that transgenic manipulation poses great risk biologically, politically, economically and culturally.
Sunshine Farm is Certified Organic in British Colombia by the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society 16-504, a member of the Certified Organic Associations of BC.  We are also proud members of Canadian Organic Growers, Seeds of Diversity Canada and Seed Savers Exchange.
Organic Agriculture provides for the optimum in sustainability, building rather than depleting soils, growing and not manufacturing food and working with natural systems rather than fighting them.


All Sunshine Farm Varieties are germination tested and guaranteed for one year form the date of purchase.

Should you encounter difficulty with any of our seed, please contact us.  As is customary in the seed trade, we are in no way liable for any loss our customers may incur beyond the purchase price of the seed itself.  If possible we will give you the option of seed replacement of a refund of the original purchase price.

For the 2021 year, all seed packets are $3.50 CAD.  Taxes and shipping are additional.