Welcome to the 2024 Growing Season

Here we stand mid winter with our thoughts of gardens past and hopes and plans of gardens future. After last winters long stretch of cold and snow we had a wonderful growing season with a long dry fall, which lends itself well for seed growing. Often we spar with the lettuces and squash to ripen before the fall freeze arrives. This has us excited to offer a great spread of seed for 2024.

We were eager to get going this season and made the mistake of seeding ‘Zucca Melons’ a tad too early. The seeds are quite rare and so we had to navigate their massive vines in the greenhouse while starting our other seedlings. After hardening they seemed to manage cool early season temps. We planted them out and they took off as hoped, producing us a great crop of 60-70lb gourds. We also discovered how great of a pickle they make when picked young. Available immediately though our website while stocks last.

Another joy this season was the wall of ‘Jasmine Scented Tobacco’ we planted, which at dusk every evening blanketed the farm in an intoxicating aroma. The vibrant white trumpet flowers would glow in the night, attracting gorgeous night time creatures like the sphinx, the hawk and silk moths to their elongated flowers which only they have the proboscis long enough to reach the nectar at the base of the flower.

Tomatoes performed well, particularly the ‘Tangello’ which seemed to continue to pile mounds of delicious orange fruit flush after flush. This made for delicious salsas kicked up a notch with fresh ‘Maui Lime Basil’ and ‘Chocolate Poblano’s’.

Thank you for taking the time to see what has been happening on the farm here and to look over our seed listing for 2024. Please feel free to contact us with any comments, questions or concerns and may your gardens flourish in 2024!