Welcome to the 2023 Growing Season

After a somewhat normal spring in 2022, growers were readying their seedlings and nourishing their gardens in preparation for another season of flavors and bounties of our labors. As the month of June arrived, unlike the previous year which brought abrupt heat up to 38c, this June brought cool temps and alot of precipitation. Our Cucurbits and peppers refused development in protest. Our cool loving crops of greens and lettuces thrived and amazing salads were created using gorgeous leaves from our ‘Jester’ lettuce with its red speckling and ‘strella’ with its beautiful sword shape. Splashes of peppery ‘Upland Cress’ and sweet ‘Mizuna’ took the salads to the next level.

June’s deluge and soft days were supplanted by a hot, arid extended summer. The cucurbits and peppers caught up with the other crops which thrived in the previous cool showers. ‘Cekirdegi Oyali’ Watermelon was a standout with amazing flavor and beautiful, unique jewelry grade seeds. Amazing spices, sauces and seasonings were blended with the bounty of ‘Alma Paprika’ and ‘Sugar Rush Peach’ peppers.

What was the warmest, longest fall i can remember, it transitioned quickly into a snowy winter. So much in fact that the trees had no opportunity to shed their leaves. I am here writing this in Feb ’23 and most of the trees still bear their ’22 season leaves. That being said with the long, dry warm, fall; seed crops were given time to ripen allowing us to continue to offer a great selection of seeds.

As food prices continue to climb, growing a garden continues to make more and more sense. Thank you for considering our small scale, carefully selected season to season seed and may your garden flourish this coming season.

Russ Alcock