Vocational Development for Adults with Diverse Abilities


Sunshine Farm is Certifed Organic, and uses this setting to offer Vocational Development Opportunities to Adults in the Community Living Sector.

The farm provides a mixed setting for hands on experience with a multitude of activities. We cater to a wide variety of interests such as cooking classes, music classes, literacy, computer, woodworking, greenhouse, equipment operation, etc..

The educational opportunities at the farm occur in the gardens, as well as  in the various buildings (shop, barn, greenhouses, etc.). The setting is diverse, offering a chance to learn about equipment, woodworking, plants, seed collection, greenhouse work, harvesting, labelling, math skills, weighing, packaging, as well as the classes mentioned above.

Opportunities based on interest and choice is the foundation of our philosophy.  Respecting the rights of the individual, and building self respect.

These opportunities are funded by Community Living British Columbia.